About Us

The North Thompson Aboriginal Centre is located in the North Thompson Valley in Clearwater. ‘The Centre’ operates within Simpcw First Nation traditional territory.

We invite you to experience the spiritual, cultural and traditional way of life of the diverse Cultures of Aboriginal peoples of the North Thompson Valley through educational workshops, Elder led traditional teachings and storytelling, an extensive museum and gift shop, and many cultural celebrations and events.

We invite all peoples, all cultures, and all nationalities to join in the activities at the Cultural Centre. We welcome the opportunity to share traditions, culture and spiritual values.

The North Thompson Aboriginal Centre honours the traditional territory of Simpcw First Nation where we reside.

Our Elders

Elders play an important role in the North Thompson Cultural Centre. They are both the link to the past and guides into the future. They educate the young on the ways of the past to ensure our traditions and culture is not lost. Through their leadership they provide guidance and direction to the leaders. We recognize and give respect to our Elders for their wisdom and guidance. Our Elders are the glue that binds the work of the Centre together.

Our Volunteers

Volunteers play an integral role in the operation of the Centre. Both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people volunteer their time at the Centre to keep our doors open to the public to purchase Aboriginal artwork in our gift shop, learn historical and cultural knowledge in our museum, and attend a variety of cultural workshops, activities and events. The Centre is always looking for more volunteers. Your time is the most precious gift you can give.

The North Thompson Aboriginal Cultural Centre is the only ‘off reserve’ Centre for Aboriginal Peoples in the North Thompson Valley and has been serving the community since 2009 becoming a registered nonprofit society in March of 2013.   

We honour and respect the Simpcw First Nation in whose territory we are in.

We recognized that all people, both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal, must work together to make good things happen. 

 Here are just a few of the services the Aboriginal Cultural Centre provides: 

  • The Aboriginal Cultural Centre (The Centre) serves as a drop-in center for local community members and visitors
  • The Centre hosts an area for a museum with the history of Aboriginal and Metis people as well as early Pioneering history.
  • The Centre provides a Gift Shop featuring many talented local artists on display.
  • The Centre teaches Aboriginal Culture to all ages through storytelling and traditional crafts workshops.
  • The Centre’s Membership contributes through volunteerism to participate in community events from Barriere to Blue River in the spirit of Community Partnership.
  • The Centre works closely with Aboriginal Engagement Success By 6 programs in the North Thompson Valley.

The North Thompson Valley is a very unique and large area with many diverse cultures. Within the North Thompson we celebrate families of many First Nations people.  We have Métis, Cree, Ojibwa, Micmac, Inuit, (just to name a few) and we celebrate and welcome all cultures.

We honour and respect the Simpcw First Nation in whose territory we are in.

We recognized that all people, both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal, must work together to make good things happen. 

 Our Vision from the start has been an Interpretive Village, Cultural Centre, and Heritage Village.

The Aboriginal Cultural Centre and future Heritage Village Project will create a hub of economic activity within the North Thompson Valley, benefiting, all people, Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal, while focusing on the importance of sharing the history of the early years.

The Centre will offer an authentic and extensive range of Traditional First Nations Métis and Inuit Culture, Art, Education and Activities for tourists and the local population interested in the Aboriginal Cultural Experience. Local, national and international visitors will be offered opportunities to experience cultural ceremonies, stories, legends, and nature based deep rooted traditions of survival.

Visitors can participate in activities such as; eating traditional food and also attend workshops to learn how to make traditional pine needle baskets, native drums, dream catchers, and rattles. Eventually guests will also be offered guided interpretive tours through the traditional territory of the North Thompson Valley, where they will learn about the natural value of the region, including traditional plants, medicines and traditional sustainable resources.

It is our hope to train local youth as guides and instructors, so they are able to provide visitors with an intimate knowledge and incomparable insight into local First Nations customs, history and environmental stewardship.

With the stunning natural beauty of the North Thompson Valley and Wells Gray Park as a backdrop and the indigenous history of the valley, as a foundation, the Centre will offer an authentic and extensive range of traditional First Nations Culture, Art, Education, and Tourism Activities for those interested in an Aboriginal and Ecological experience while visiting the region.

Cultural and Educational programming will be provided for all ages and backgrounds, providing important life lessons and offering a unique and memorable experience for every guest.

The Cultural Society is ideally positioned to enhance and create the capacity for increased sustainable cultural tourism opportunities, thereby fostering economic diversification and stimulus across the valley. This will be strengthened by active participation in the Tourism Development Plan, realizing the goal to ensure our First Nation activities and products are integrated into the regional marketing and visitor services framework, and ensuring visitors receive our marketing publications.