Arts & Culture

About the Connection Circles

The Connection Circles are an interactive resource that includes cultural items and gifts such as a drum, rattle, a Métis sash and stuffed animals. Granny and Grampa are interchangeable puppets designed to engage parents and families in exploring their own cultural teachings and identities as First Nations, Inuit and Métis people. The connections circles are rooted in the values, beliefs and strengths that are important to pass on to our children while recognizing and honouring the diversity of children, families, communities and First Nations living in British Columbia. The Connections Circles have been designed to support and promote the importance of traditional ways of early learning and the healthy development and wellbeing of Aboriginal children, their families and communities. These Circles illustrate how learning identity, culture and language are critical aspects in raising healthy children. The emphasis is on the important roles of grandparents and elders as teachers, mentors and knowledge-holders of how to care for and teach our children to prepare them for a happy, healthy and secure future.

Gift Shop and Museum

The gift shop features work from local First Nations, Métis, Inuit and Pioneer artists and crafts people.

The extensive museum features artifacts and historical information regarding the First Peoples of the North Thompson Valley.

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